This Is What Happens When Fools Drive Wiggle Wagons  

Trailer Trucks a.k.a. Wiggle Wagons are trucks with one or more trailers attached at the back. These vehicles are tough to handle because the additional trailers in the back prevent the main body from doing sharp turns. That difficulty means that every turn the driver makes, requires forward thinking and advanced positioning of the truck and the trailers.

Due to the difficulty and the expertise trailer trucks demand, companies should hire qualified and experienced drivers to prevent any untoward accidents. The most common accidents that happen to wiggle wagons is that the trailers in the back swerve from right to left, thus imitating a “wiggling” type of movement.

In an attempt to cut corners, businesses try to hire inexperienced drivers. In worse case scenarios, these drivers often report to duty either drunk or under the influence of drugs. If such individuals man trailer trucks then crashes, lawsuits, and a truck accident lawyer may not be far off. Here are some more unwelcome accidents that can happen to tractor trailers when unqualified drivers take the wheel.

Trailers flip over


With trucks that handle heavy loads, trailers can sometimes flip over and bring the whole truck with them. This accident happens when a driver risks making sharp turns on corners. It is critical for a driver to think in advance. A driver also has to be mindful of the position of the trailers for it to not tip the whole vehicle over.

Accidents caused by blindsides

Due to the length of some trailers, drivers who lack experience might have some troubles with vision in the back of the truck. Vehicles of this size often come with blindsides that a novice trucker may not easily find.



Because of the enormous lengths of the trailer and the blindsides that it creates, inexperienced drivers may not be able to see thieves preying on their cargo. A famous Hollywood scene that depicts this is the 2009 installment of the film franchise, Fast and Furious.


Due to the difficulties that wiggle wagons bring, business firms should hire qualified drivers. Risks come with handling such enormous machines. Although able to carry heavy loads, this advantage can quickly turn into a disadvantage.

Sharp corners are tricky, and a lot of blindsides can hamper a driver’s visibility. Should a company hire a reckless driver, they either get risks in losing large parts of valuables or end up in a major accident or worse, both.