How to enjoy at best your shore time when you’re in cruise

If you are wondering how to enjoy at its best a cruise holiday when you’re docked, this is the right place.

When you are forced to take a break at a port, you need to understand how to better spend that time. Excursions are the best idea to enjoy most of your time and discover new places enriching your trip.

To optimize the times and not waste too much energy, many cruise companies offer them a viable alternative to “fill the gaps”. In the perfect cruise-decalogue to live this kind of holiday at its best, there’s definitely to take a few steps away from the harbour, instead of don’t do anything or delegating to the organization and then thinking about customizing your experience aboard … especially going down.

Close to the ports there are wonderful places and all of them can be visited, photographed or just enjoyed. Keep an eye on your cruise journey, including the opportunities offered by travel and tour companies, or try to imagine what you would like to do.

If no one has told you how to fill that wonderful time docked, you can take part to a shore excursion. We all have a smartphone, and with geo-location feature or an app it can suggest us what to do just a few steps away from the cruise ship, a map and a bit of desire to discovery is enough.

Doing so, your journey will be more adventurous and complete, and different from anything else you’ve done before. For example, once your cruise ship is docked at the port of Livorno, you can leave for an excursion to Florence. The Tuscan capital is beautiful and it worth a visit even for only a few hours, just to walk along the medieval alleys of the old town to the discover its hidden corners and its architectural jewels.

You may even think of visiting some world-class museums, like the Uffizi Gallery. Many museums are free, the first Sunday of each month the entry is free, as well as for visitors under 18 and over 65.

And what about a stop in Livorno? Well, you can explore the town with its harbor, its fortress, the canals and its old style authenticity.

A few steps away from Livorno there’s its rival Pisa, that worth a short tour to see its historical wonders. Later, as your ship docks in Civitavecchia, you can think to visit Rome by yourself or in excursion, or simply exploring the port town.