ocean and sunset beautiful view

You are perhaps tired of being trapped in the hamster wheel, and wish to feel a bit of freedom, simplicity and joy. An opportunity to simply slip right into a hammock at the sunset having an ice cold drink and listen to one of your favourite songs. To have a chance to tell stories, have something to laugh about and remember for many years to come. Every one of us has our very own interpretation of what the travelling should feel like. We are sure that travelling can make it possible for us to escape the regular formalities, routines and headaches and gives us the reason of our life ownership. Travelling doesn’t necessarily always need to be about packing bags, crossing borders or being nomadic. It’s about living a full life, being linked to the present moment, experiencing unbridled pleasure and generating (and sharing) profound memories. We’re here to show you that you could travel anywhere in the world even on a small budget, you can rock up in a place where you know no one and have life-changing adventures, you can travel with the ones you love and have a flourishing relationship, and you also can make a strong lifelong bond with your kids with shared memories of traveling. We understand your dreams, hopes, fears and challenges.