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Greece, Italy & South of France: the best charter destinations for food lovers

With a professional gourmet chef on board, every luxury charter yacht offers a complete culinary delight. Your chef will take the utmost care in preparing every single dish, taking inspiration from local dishes found at your charter destinations with the finest local produce. Your experience onboard your charter yacht can become a complete Michelin star gastronomic experience, both onboard and onshore, depending on your itinerary and destination. Here we share the best European charter destinations for a gourmet adventure.


Known to make full use of local fish, meat, vegetables and grains, Greek cuisine is considered one of the main “flavours of the Mediterranean.” The country is known for its delicious ingredients and variety in dishes. Seafood and fish play a main role, as does olive oil, herbs like oregano, thyme and basil, and honey and spices. Different types of cheeses, like feta and savoury and sweet pastries, are also key parts of Greek food.

The culinary scene is a beautiful reflection of Greece’s authentic and special gastronomy, which can be found in everything from world-class restaurants to traditional tavernas by the sea.

No matter where you end up dining, the range of dishes and depth of flavours found in Greek cuisine will always be fresh, surprising and superb.

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Home to some of the most internationally recognised dishes, like pizza and pasta, the regional diversity of Italian cuisine will pleasantly surprise any food lover. Reflected in the various styles and types of dishes found coast to coast, food in Italy tends to be characterised by its simplistic, traditional cooking methods that bring forward complex flavours. Based on local produce ranging from meat to dairy, vegetables and fish, as well as grains, it is clear why many Italian chefs take much pride in cooking authentic recipes. More chefs are incorporating international techniques into their dishes but still manage to maintain the heart and the quintessential essence of the country. Whether you adore meat, fish, pasta or sweets, wherever you land on shore, you are sure to find a family-run trattoria or Michelin star restaurant to have an authentic taste of Italian culture.

South of France

Offering a true, titillating sensation wherever you dine, French cuisine is rich, decadent and delicious. Home to some of the finest dining experiences in the world, the South of France is known for its mouth-watering dishes. The diverse flavours of the Mediterranean have impacted the style and types of cuisine available in the area, making it completely unique, luxurious and flavourful. Local produce, such as seafood, meat, vegetables and grains, are key, paired with olive oil and herbs. Bread and pastries step into their own element in the South of France, so be sure to sample plenty. Sweet lovers will enjoy the Gateau des Rois, most commonly found around Christmas time. From upscale restaurants to local cafes, the South of France’s cuisine offers its own reflection of French culture.

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