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The Latest Development About Camper Van That You Have to Know

If you haven’t seen a modern camper van yet, you may want to learn more about the latest developments try campervan Reykjavik – camper rental in Iceland. The electric camper van for example is one such development. Now let’s check out some of the more latest progress.

Modernization of camper vans

The trend toward tiny homes on wheels is rising, and the modernization of camper vans is an excellent way to do just that. While some people are buying readymade campervans, a more significant number are turning to DIY conversions. While camper van conversions aren’t new, their popularity has increased over the past several years, thanks to the widespread use of YouTube and other online media. So, whether you’re planning to travel to a new place or want to relive your youth, these modern vans are a perfect fit.

Purchasing a camper van is an excellent investment, mainly if you use it a lot. If you don’t plan to use it for a long time, you can profit from renting it out to others. For example, renting it out to people who want to go on a vacation can earn you $50 to $100 per day, which can help you make your monthly payments. Alternatively, you can sell it for a healthy profit.

Electricity in camper vans

When looking for an electric camper van, you need to make sure to consider your options. Although electric vans are not as standard as gas-powered campers, they are possible and can be just as fun to use. Here are some benefits of electric vans. First, a small battery bank can provide enough juice to power your entire van for a month. Another plus is that a battery bank can power your electronic charging needs, including your climate control.


The first step in securing electric power for your camper van is choosing the type of battery and the size of the battery. There are two main batteries in the van life community: lithium-ion and lead-acid. Each has its pros and cons, and your choice depends on how many electrical devices you use and what type of power system your camper van has. You may need anywhere from one to four batteries.

Bench seat

The Bench seat for camper vans has a patented sliding mechanism, allowing you to place it anywhere in your camper van. The bench is positioned with a 335mm wheel arch clearance. The bench is available in four sizes, including 1800mm, 1900mm, and 1600mm, and measures 750mm wide when it is in the seat position and 1300mm when it is slid into the bed. The height is 765mm, and the seat/sleeping area is 445mm high.

Its side kitchen and wardrobe features can be easily accessed, and the rear seats slide forward. The van can seat up to three people, and the bench seat can convert into a double bed. There is enough room to install a kitchen, a two-burner stove, and a small fridge, and it can be converted into a four-berth motorhome. It is 4.84m long and only two meters tall, making it perfectly suitable for most parking height restrictions in the world.

Unique EZ-DRIVE system

It is full of high-end technology, including a computer-balanced driveshaft, Koni FSD shocks, Helwig helper springs, and LED ceiling lights. There are two floorplans, with a convertible sofa and two twin beds that convert to a king. It also has a spacious wet bath. And the kitchen is fully equipped, with a two-burner stove, an AC/DC refrigerator, and marine-grade speakers.

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